Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

My five favorite things about itty-bitty kittens:

1. They are so gosh darn little it is unreal. Remember those little pound-puppy dolls? Did you ever have a kitten one? It could fit in your hand? THESE ARE SMALLER. 

2. Their mewing. Because it is smaller. Yes I know I just used smaller. But seriously. It is the tiniest, cutest sound in the whole... oh wait... Kaiya's little chirpy bird voice... OK it's the second cutest sound in the world.

3. The way my daughter looks at them. The little fantastic sparkle that comes into her eyes. And even the way she loses interest after five minutes. Yup, this is a Gen X offspring alright.

4. The way the two stupid things fight over the same nipple. Hello. There are six of them and two of you, do the math.

5. I love most, getting sucked into their world. The little baby play pen is their whole world now and looking down at them is comforting in this sense of: wow, how simple and sweet are they?

1 comment:

  1. I looove kittens (duh). They are so much fun when they're tiny and hilarious when they get a little more inquisitive.


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