Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I will gouge out your eyes!!!!

CK just posted about tantrums on her blog and as I read through it I started to feel better. I lifted up a little, had this sense as I scrolled through some of the comments and felt like ok, maybe there are women who understand out there. Just none in my little corner of the world, at least the other day. I'm just now getting big enough that it's a little hard to carry Kaiya great lengths or get her out of a convoluted spot (like say, a tunnel on a jungle gym?) and so I have had to resort to begging like a poor, destitute homeless woman, with my two year old for a little mercy. It almost never works. The kid barely gives me hugs anymore, she's like a cat in her sense of "I will grace you with my happy presence when I so choose the rest of the time you have to just love ME." Hubby had finished grocery shopping and I had taken K out to the playground and tried to start pleading early to get her home. I reached over to get her finally, straining just a bit and the slippery thing clawed herself away. So I just went for it and grabbed her and huffed and puffed through the playground. All the while the loudest bleating sound I think I've ever heard is emitting from my daughter. But here is the kicker. Why, tell me why, was EVERY single blasted pair of eyes glaring at me???? I wanted to kick someone, and ironically while I was being kicked by two tiny feet IN MY FREAKING PREGNANT BELLY and still not a single look of sympathy. Just scoffs and mutterings. I'll be honest. I prayed that Jesus would give them all boils. Ok, really that their kids would be horrid that day and they would think back to the poor struggling woman in the playground who could barely carry her kid and how they didn't think to get off their fat butt and help but they did have the energy to point and snicker. The next day I saw a daddy dealing with a tantrum and I made a point to look concerned for him. It occurred to me that yes, maybe some of the mothers out there were concerned for me but the truth remains, I actually heard one of them say "what a b****" as I walked by and I turned and saw her just glaring at me. She was young and twenty something. It was hard not to wish her ovaries would just shrivel on the spot. What's your worst stranger mommy experience?


  1. Ugh. You did the RIGHT thing and no parent should judge you for it. Personally? I commend a mom when I see her taking her kid away after telling the kid that they have to leave. You can't just let your kid rule the world, ya know?

    I'm sorry people are so rude, and naive.

  2. I've let my kid throw the mother of all temper tantrums in a grocery store. I too was pregnant and realized that in a couple of months I would not be able to drop the groceries and march my son home. So I dealt with it and ignored everyone. We do not have temper tantrums in stores any more. Well, at least not Evan. Sean is getting there.

    Now for your post, I feel so horrible for you. What horrible mothers. As for Kaiya, she's old enough to know better. Next time she pulls that crap, tell her no more park. Oh and get a leash. Evan could run circles around me.


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