Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our family is bigger!

This is the tale of a birth. A birth of twins. What you say? I thought you were due in October? Why yes, I am. And thank God it won't be twins. (It better not be. As a twin, I fear with knowledge, first hand, that fate... and I already forced the poor nurse to swivel that camera stick around me a third time to make SURE it is not twins.... like seriously... Jon & Kate: MY NIGHTMARE.) Anyhoo... these twins are of a furrier variety. Daddy's twins. (Your mind didn't go somewhere gross now did it?) You see, Daddy has a kitty. He's had this kitty for a while, it's the same one we worried was a tragic case of a kitten having kittens a few months ago. We wondered where we went wrong, how we could have not told her about the birds and the bees. I mean, when we did she just kept licking her lips. But we were wrong. She wasn't preggo. And now that she's a ripe teenage cat age, we are so much more at peace with her motherhood. This time we were certain she was pregnant because we used Google and learned that the nipples turning huge is the key. Sure enough, her teets came out. I love that word: teets. 
We have been fretting that she would have the kittens in some unsuspecting neighbors' yard. This could be bad on so many levels. But, like all good nature stories, our little mama to be seemed to know she was to be a mama and when and so she chose us to be around. It was nice, to be chosen like that. It started early in the afternoon, we didn't quite know what was going on at first. All we knew was that every time Kaiya started crying or throwing a fit the cat started spazzing out, but in the sweetest mother-hen sortof way. Of course her incessant need to be right at Kaiya's side every 2.5 seconds (the span of time Kaiya can go without having a fit) was getting old pretty fast.
I went to bed early, because I had to get up early, when Hubby burst in to tell me that the kitty was in labor. This red sack thing sack thing was coming out of her bottom and he Googled and asked the hippy neighbor and the general consensus between the two was that it was the birth sack. I came out to watch. It was like watching the Discovery channel. I marveled at how she didn't even meow really. I mean: no drugs. I was expecting to not be able to sleep, I was expecting the worst howling I have ever heard in my entire life. The poor thing sat there quietly, sometimes it seemed she was choking but she wasn't and even that was quiet. I think I was disgusted and feeling competitive with a cat so I went to bed. (That and I thought, well surely this will take f-o-r-e-v-e-r. So.) Then he came in like half an hour later, and I was not quite asleep and he announced that one kitten was born. I came running over, feeling guilty I wasn't there, and he informed me he was on the computer during it. Oops. Truth is she didn't care. She was already busily cleaning the new one. And it was really long, at first we thought it was two kitties but then we realized it was just one. It was hard, and yet hard not to, watch the mother cat eat the sack the baby came in. Hubby tried to tell me it was natural. I screamed and said: I would never eat the placenta. He informed me I would if I lived in the wild. Thank God I'm a picky vegetarian. (Trying not to gag at the thought of it right this minute.)
I tried to stay up for the next one but was desperate to get at least five hours of sleep, especially since I had a fun filled day of 'on the job training' where I had to shadow a stranger... fun... and Hubby informed me in the morning that the second was born. I was surprised there was only two, but secretly thankful I only have to hound two people to take a darling new kitten into their home. (We may keep one, but good God then we would have FOUR.)


  1. Last year a week before Mother's Day we wanted to catch a local stray cat--it was black. We left the little cage w/food out and when we returned a few minutes later to our surprise there was this crazy looking multi colored cat in it. My son would not let us release her so she came home with us. He named her Angry. :) Gotta love toddlers.
    So...on Mother's Day I heard some soft noises like meowing coming out from under the recliner. I lifted it to see mama Angry had given birth over night (and yes, eaten the sac) to 2 little kittens. We had no idea she was pregnant! And they were born on Mother's Day!!! One passed away but the other lived and he is still with us (and his mom!). When cats have their first litter it is usually 1-2 kittens but gets bigger with other births....so beware! :) tina

  2. Does this make you a cat grandma?

  3. This is my first time stopping by your blog and I love it! I'll be visiting regularly.

    Oh and I have a great recipe for placenta casserole. I know you are a vegetarian, but if you are providing the animal protein yourself, I think it's ok. Just kidding. Gross. I gagged just reading about the kitty eating it's sack.

  4. Ah, more babies. What does Kaiya think?


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