Wednesday, May 20, 2009

puppy breath

I never thought I would like being kissed by a dog. I have this hate hate relationship with them you see. Started when I was five and was nearly mauled by one. Seriously, this big massive beast knocked me down and was growling and snarling over me, like I could feel it's drool dripping down, and this kind man jumped out of his car and chased it off. Still not quite over it. I was occasionally amused by my brother's dog. I mean the thing was just so darn stupid you almost had to have some sympathy for it. Exhibit A: He was defending the dog that mom and I were railing on for its massive stupidity while was ardently defending it the thing ran smack into the sliding glass door at full speed. Mom and I died laughing and he tried not to laugh, but I mean, come on, talk about timing! 
Two people are starting to change my life-long aversion for dogs. The two people I love most in this world are hopelessly in love with them and seeing how much joy my husband and daughter get from a puppy darn near breaks my heart. So I start to love it a little. I whisper to myself that I'm still a cat person at heart, but maybe it's ok just to like a dog a little bit. Luckily for me I have some transition time as the place we are at now we can't have one but we've taken to going to the shelter now and then to play with the puppies and it is the cutest thing in the world. It's like Kaiya really gets them. She loves all that there is about doggies and with so much enthusiasm that it makes me want to give in a little, or at least tolerate to see the joy on her sweet little face. 


  1. I am laughing right now...I was always a cat person, but both my girls somehow became dog people. No idea how. Anyhow, I was talked into getting a black lab puppy, who has grown to be 80 lbs. Yeah, he's cute. Yeah, I guess I am a dog person now.

  2. I just say I'm an animal person. That way I can freely adore any animal that happens to steal my heart (currently it's goats and donkeys).

  3. Maybe we should switch kids. Evan likes dogs from afar, but if one gets three feet away from him without protective glass, Evan starts freaking out. The husband thinks we should get a dog to help Evan, but that's a no until someone other than me takes care of it.


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