Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A conversation at work

I have a friend who was on a reality show once. People that go on those shows fascinate me. I truly think they are slightly deranged. 
Me: Yeah I was thinking that they should study people like you, who go on those shows...
Friend 1: (Smirk) 
Me: I mean some of them, I'm like: do you watch that show? Like Wipe-out...
Friend 1: Ooh I called about getting on that show!
Me: Of course you did.
Friend 1: Yeah! They said I could have a spot on it but that I would have stay in LA for a month for filming and I don't have the vacation time.
Me: Well, it's not as bad as like the Bachelor. I mean, seriously, who would marry someone they met on a TV show.
Friend 2: Yeah. That's like as crazy as marrying someone you met online. 

(And the punch line is I met hubby online technically. Though I say technically because we just emailed back and forth for like a week and then met and a coffee shop and dated like regular people. Still. I'm a little touchy. I found myself having to defend myself.)


  1. Well, it's not like you had your relationship documented on TV with commercial breaks and he didn't have to "compete" for you with a bunch of other wacky TV suitors.

  2. Meeting someone online, then dating, and even getting married does not equal dating shows like the Bachelor. With that said, doesn't it suck that when you go out to make fun of something to find yourself stuck as the butt of the joke?

  3. I wonder what the people on these reality shows get out of it, really? Is 15 mins. of fame really worth it? (And no, marrying someone you met online is nowhere NEAR as odd.)


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