Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

So, rather than doing this I should be:

1. Working on my art project for church. It's due June 7th. Eeek. I'm doing Queen Esther and for her robe I'm beading. The fun part is it's been a family affair. Hubby got me beads for Mother's day. Kaiya's been 'helping' (hence why it's taken so long to finish) and it's been very relaxing to do while I watch TV. It just gets tedious.

2. Cleaning. There is always more to do and I'll be honest, this isn't my strong suit. I'm determined to get better at this. I just keep waiting for the right time. Like when there isn't job stress, kid stress, pregnant stress, etc.

3. Spending time with my precious gift from God, my first at least, my sweet daughter who changes each minute. Gets more beautiful each second she exists. 

4. Spend more time, one on one and serious quality, with my sweet hubby. This sexy man works so hard to be a great daddy and hubby and like so many stay at home parents is not appreciated enough. Not to say it's worse for guys (I think all of y'all SAH ers have it rough) but this whole not having a career outside the home thing does seem to hit the dudes below the belt. I wish the world would wake up and pay him what he's worth: 79k a year!

5. Writing in a constructive way. As in researching article ideas and searching for markets. 


  1. Aww, I'm sending kudos to your husband for a job well done!

  2. I'd take the SAH mola if you're doling it out. Sigh. Too bad we aren't paid for our 24 hour days. Think of the OVERTIME!!! Then I'd be happy as a clam to wake up for the hundreth time in the night when baby is teething if I was getting quadruple overtime for it. Yes. I love this idea.

    And, yes. There is so much cleaning and writing and other stuff but UGH my Belly is so BIG and I want to sit and watch bad TV. Mmmm....bad TV.

  3. You know, I always like your high fives. I really like this one. I wish I could give you some time.

  4. I like your high fives,too.I myself need to do a better job at housework. And there is never enough time in the world it seems like. Even when I have a day off from work I would rather relax than clean (or blog sometimes). I wish I was better organized in general.


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