Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

First I have to post a photo of the new kittens:
Kaiya just loves them dearly. Every time we let their mom go outside we then tell her to get back inside and feed her babies when she's been out too long catting around. So the other day we let her in and as she came trotting in the door all nonchalantly Kaiya started fussing at her: "babies! ...mumbly goop... babies!" 

OK, my five favorite things about summer. (This one will be hard, I'm dreading being huge in the sweltering heat.) 

1. The pools are open, yipee! We've already been of course. Gosh I love to swim. I guess for a clumsy person it's a way to feel like an honest-to-goodness athlete, you know?

2. Weddings. Though I think I'm in the 'my friends are all having babies' stage of life I still like to see them, even strangers. The other day Kaiya and I were out for an afternoon and we saw this beautiful bride. Kaiya was more interested in a leaf of course.

3. Lemonade. It's just better when it's a thousand degrees outside, but it has to be ridiculously cold. Ooh, and slushies. yum.

4. Summer concerts or plays in the park. I used to live in a city that had plays in this park/outdoor theater area and it was fantastic. I miss that. Maybe I should look for something like that around here...

5. Time with family. It seems everyone's schedule is a bit freer even though really it is only if you are in the public school system but isn't it odd how even retired grandparents seem more open to stuff? I guess cause they know the kiddos will be around. We will hopefully get more visits in and time with family to do fun stuff. 

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  1. Oh, I love swimming! And lemonade. Mmmmm.


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