Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

This is a simple one this week, but I love movies so I thought I'd do my five favorite movies. I was going to try for categories, but that would require more effort and time so: totally random and in no particular order here it goes:

1. Cinema Paradiso This is a fantastic little movie about... wait for it... movies! It really is a cute story though and I just fell in love with it years ago. Ah. Classic.

2. Cast Away.  (Couldn't find a trailer for some reason) Wilson!! Wilson!! I guess I've always been a sucker for these sort of survival stories, my favorite book when I was a kid was Island of the Blue Dolphins and I've always liked Tom Hanks. Man did he seriously lose some weight for this one or what?

3. City of Angels. I first saw this movie with my mom which is part of why it is special. That and I just like the story. The thought of angels being around to calm us down is sort of soothing and nice. 

4. The Usual Suspects. I was actually a bit annoyed with this movie at first. That's because a friend and I wanted to watch something "mindless" which this is not. But once we got into it we were hooked. And I'm a sucker for those trick sort of endings.

5. Live free or Die Hard Actually, all of the Die Hard's rock but have you seen this one yet? I mean, a car chase scene with a fighter jet!! It totally kicks!

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  1. I loved Island of the Blue Dolphins too!
    Nice list!


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