Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

It's the summer of love people. Or something like that. So, my five reasons I love my hubby!

1. He has this boisterous personality that is larger than life. It makes it easy to hide behind him, which I have to watch, but I just love watching other people watch him when he's hamming it up. It's like he lights ups  a room and it makes me want to snuggle in to get warmer.

2. He is such a servant. He just goes and goes. I think all stay at home parents are wonderful but he has been serving me since we met it seems and he just keeps going. Lately we've been helping watch some friends' kids and even after watching three children under the age of five he still served his huge and uncomfortable wife.

3. His big heart. Several of his friends have gone through separations/divorces these last few years, which has been hard on him as a child of divorce and a newly married person trying to figure it all out still. He just reaches out to them though and lets himself be a safe place for them to just chill with.

4. His voice. It is so deep. I could listen to him talk for hours. He can seriously just make me swoon with a word or two. 

5. My kids. Ok, I might be cheating on this one a bit. But they truly rock. I can't wait to meet little bit, but man is he going to be a handful. I have been feeling him romp around already for months and he just keeps kicking away like he's trying to break free. Kaiya gets more interesting and lovely each day. I can see so much of him in her too, and I'm so glad she is outgoing like him instead of shy and awkward like I was. He is the sweetest when he plays with her too and I can't wait to see him romp around with his son. 


  1. Isn't it great to be aware of just how good it is to have a wonderful partner?

  2. What you write reminds me so much of your mother as the college girl I fell for and as a young mother. (Except, of course, for #4. She never had that deep a voice.) [And not to imply she's lost those wonderful traits, or any such silly misinterpretation.] Pops

  3. Oops! I did this on Steph's 'puter rather than my own. But then you knew Steph was not "Pops".

  4. This made me smile. I'm glad you found someone wonderful.

  5. Super sweet. I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband.


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