Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Funky dreams in triplicate

Ever have crazy dreams when you start something new? I've been dreaming about the computer program I spend a good seven hours on each day at work and it's like this maze I'm trapped in. Then there are the usual, unusual, pregnant dreams. Put the two together and wah-lah you get a super fun combo. Like this was a fun twist: I was stuck in a maze of numbers and suddenly I had turned into a little piece of meconium poop trying to desperately make its way out of my abdomen. Then it gets stuck in my penis and I am trying to figure out just what muscles exactly control this organ. As if being pregnant and having a new job wasn't stress enough for my subconscious to have to sort through in wanders this baby deer having to pee. (Hmmm. WONDER WHO THAT IS.) Then, just for kicks, the cat comes to me meowing, while I'm still trying to poo, with the babies now stuck in her as well. I'm seeing a pattern here though: maybe all we need in life is some laxatives to get us through the stuck parts. And what am I doing up in the middle of the night?? I need sleep... the desert of no-sleep is quickly approaching... AAAAHHH. (On that note, I hated it when people told me when I was pregnant with my first: ooh, catch up on all your sleep now. Like people, seriously, you can't do that. It's not like you can put sleep in a bank and just smile fondly to yourself as you lick your newborns head and say: ah sleep, I remember her. If you are wondering why you are licking your newborn's head it's because of the lack of sleep my friend.)


  1. Plus, it's difficult to sleep with a little baby using your bladder like a trampoline.

  2. I'd forgotten, willfully, how hard it was to sleep pregnant. What with the waking to pee, and the waking to eat, and the waking from very weird dreams, and the waking to pee again. UGH. Here I was hoping I had a few good months to sleep more than two hours in a row. Sigh. I had a penis in a dream once. It was soooooo weird. Glad I woke up with my own bits.

  3. I think that whenever you have a dream that is related to work, you should be getting paid. It's just not fair to have to put in unpaid time even if it is subconsciously.

  4. What a fabulous idea mami!

  5. Hmm, mine always used my bladder like a bean bag.
    How's this for weird; I dreamed that a woman I used to babysit for had triplets and her husband wasn't lifting a finger to help her and I came over to help. The woman's daughter just graduated college. And maybe this is warning me about that third kid I want. Hmmm.
    Go read a boring book.


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