Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary Hubby

So, obviously we're not celebrating it today and I don't even know where he is 'cause I can't remember when they're going to start heading back but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Hubby. It's been a hard year for him and yet still he has served me and spoiled me through it all. My accomplishment on the promotional test could not have been achieved if it was not for his sacrifice. He has encouraged me through all my work stuff and tried to break me out of my home-body shell a bit more this year.
Even though it was not our original plan he has devoted another year to serving our baby girl. And I'll just step out and say it: I don't think men are as naturally equipped as women to raise kids. Not that they can't, we're proof of that, but I think they have to work harder at it. And work hard he does. But to be honest, I think he does such a fantastic job that while I would give up my job to stay home I have a feeling I wouldn't do as well as he has done. 
And he still finds time for his friends. It's been a hard year for that with another couple we know going through a separation and I love his tender heart for he takes such ownership of the one left behind and tries to love them as best he can. I love you Hubby, you're my best friend, teacher, brother (in a non Arkansas way) and lover. Thank you for loving me and hurry home!


  1. Aw, happy anniversary!

    I agree about men having to work harder at it. But when they do and are GOOD at it? It's so beautiful.

  2. Happy Anniversary! He sounds like a keeper.

  3. Happy Anniversary you two!!! And here's to many more wonderful years together.

  4. Congrats on the anniversary. Thanks for following my blog. I really like yours as well. I get most of my stuff at widgetbox and pyzam. I just realized your in Texas. I'm from the Longview,Tyler area although I'm in upstate NY and moving to Florida in 2 wks. Your daughter is beautiful......


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