Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy Day!

Kaiya and I went out to get his daddy day gift. On the way back I prepped her: Kaiya, say "Happy Daddy Day!" Silence. Kaiya, say happy? Giggle. Happy, daddy? Silence. Hap... hap.... happy. Squeal. Cow! 
We had been driving through a country area and she saw some horses. Horses are cows in her world. I started in on: hor... hor... horse.... but then was worried that would mess up our progress on 'happy daddy day.' You know. Since we'd come so far. 
By the time we got home and I handed her the bag to give to daddy and it was time for the big sentence it went like this: silence, more silence and then: DADDY! Yeah! Good enough. Then I think she actually said it but it was very marbled up and hard to understand. But the leg hug wasn't. So my daughter's daddy, my daddy and to all the other daddy's: HAPPY DADDY DAY!


  1. LOL! Those are the best wishes a parent can get! It's not as cute when they get older, ha ha!

  2. Super cute! That is all that matters! My boys ran and showed their gifts the night before when their dad got home. So much for surprises.


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