Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I don't want to share!!!

Kaiya has always been a bit petite. I don't worry about it because the kid is like my clone and I figure she has my ridiculous metabolism. One of the secret weapons we have discovered is to feed the food to me. Or pretend like I'm eating it. Sadly the pretending doesn't work as much, it's like she knows. So we can give her a gazillion options, all of which she craved the week before, and nothing doing on each one. Then mommy sits down with her much-anticipated dinner and the kid is in her lap like a hungry beggar with her little bird mouth open. It was cute. WAS. 
Now that I am ravionously hungry all the freaking time it is driving me insane. So I try and save her portions, make more for her and set aside, be prepared. But the kid has a radar. She knows where there is one teeny tiny chocolate bar or something that mommy is sneakily scarfing down and she comes to demand her share. I shouldn't be annoyed with it. I really shouldn't I mean: my kid. I should feed my kid, right? But it's that I offer her a bunch of stuff, cook a bunch of food and she only wants what I want. And oddly it's the random craving that I NEED. Need. I tell you. Then I turn to maniac thoughts like: just wait until she's pregnant I'm going to come and steal her pickles!! (This kid. Going to need. Lots. Of therapy.)


  1. Hahaha--I can only partly understand. I'm not preggo, so I don't have that exact problem, but Alex is also a beggar. ANY food I'm eating he wants. And he eats a LOT of it. I've started making myself double portions because he eats THAT much of my food. It can definitely be irritating, especially when you already offered them their own meal.

  2. My daughter who is 15 is still that way with her father. She'd rather eat off his plate than get one of her own. She says it tastes better. Don't worry to much about it, just hide things better.

  3. Seriously, no one should come between a pregnant woman and her chocolate, not even her first born. It's just not right.

  4. You got to get a little more stealth. Do it when she's sleeping or locked into the tv. Cut every thing into tiny bite sizes so that it can be swallowed in an instant and say "Nothing. I'm eating nothing." Or always get extra.


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