Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If it ain't one thing it's your mother.

I just always wanted to say that. So mama is helping me this week. She already helped with my list and doesn't even know it. Dad called late Friday and asked if he could kidnap Hubby to go get some of my grandma's things. He's actually been trying to plan this awhile and what with crazy summer-is-almost here schedules it hasn't happened yet so this week seemed as good as any. Which meant we had the weekend to scramble and try and clean the house a bit (Hubby was quick to point out that it's not clean, just not as messy. I think he was one of those kids that stacked his toys in neat piles and never played with them.) Hubby graciously let me finish my project. I have been working on it for over a month but we just got the canvas on Thursday so what took the longest was getting the blasted beads on the darn thing. I think it turned out pretty well. 

It's called: "For Such a Time as This" and it's of Queen Esther putting on her royal robes (before she goes and tries to keep her people from being slaughtered) ooh... speaking of people being slaughtered... have you seen Defiance yet? Seriously good people. Like I know Jew/Nazi movies are usually extremely depressing and sure this isn't a romantic comedy by any stretch of the imagination but I think you'll be satisfied with the ending. And it makes you think. Everyone loves to hate Nazis right? 
I made it home for lunch yesterday, expecting to see a beleaguered mom and the toddler vigorously staking her flag on her and the kid was passed out on the couch and my mom perched with a glass of water watching TV and happy as a clam. She then remarked: "I feel like I'm on vacation! I get to watch what I want on TV!" I quipped: except for the two-year-old. To which she was like: oh she's e-a-s-y. She's been so good today! I had to remind myself that it's a good thing for my daughter to spend time with my mother and not start feeling competitive. So of course, who did she save the melt down for? Mwah! The librarian informed us our fine was too high and we couldn't check anything out. Kaiya totally lost it but eventually we got home and watched Barnyard for the 600th time. Or, Diego's dad's movie, as we like to call it. So this will be an estrogen packed week and one that shows me just how much more I should appreciate my husband. And mom too. 


  1. I think your project looks great! And, it's true, "everyone does love to hate Nazi." At least I hope so.

  2. I loooooove the beads. I think the painting is beautiful. My favorite of your's yet. Can't wait to see the next one! And, seriously, you are so darned creative! Makes me want to get off my preggo buns and do something arty.

    If it makes you feel any better, kids usually wait for the ones they trust to help them with their big, deep emotions. Saw it at the day care tons of times. Day was great, kid was happy, the minute Mom or Dad came to pick them up? Sobs and tears. Call it a release valve. I remember doing that with my Mom when I was younger. (Sorry Mom!!)

    And I'm sorry you had to see Barnyard for the 600+ time. Jim would say he was very, very sorry. I still think it's a cute one, but I'm biased.

  3. I love the piece! You did a great job. And of course, she saved the temper tantrum for you. You're her mom!


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