Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My bloggy friends

So I really like y'all. No seriously, it's been cathartic having this fun little outlet. I like the control and getting to be as creative, or lazy, as I want to be. But what I like most is the feedback, the sense of connection. Ever since my best friend abandoned me. Yes Bobeesah, you suck. No just kidding. She was following the love of her life and at some point I think all of us have to make some huge sacrifices for that and it's a good thing but anyway it's like there's been this friend void. Of course thanks to technology and what not in many ways E is still my best friend even though she's an uncomfortable five hour flight away. Some of the readers are like her, friends in real life too, but lately I've been thinking about even the bloggy buddies I haven't met or who also live thousands of miles away how they still are like friends to me. When I go to their pages and see they're having a rough go it sort of bums me out for the day, just like with friends here. I guess what makes it hard now is I'm finally out of that stage of life when there's a group of friends about your age and about your same stage in life right beside you. It seems once you finally exit the college years, or the years of clinging to it still, that suddenly you're thrown into a much bigger pool with way more different fish. Suddenly there are women who are into the career thing and could care less about your kids. And they're sick of hearing about them. Then there are those who are a bit younger and still looking waiting to plant their feet on the ground, find a mate, a career and so forth and you sort of look at them nolstagically but don't really relate. Then there's other mothers. And we are so cliquish aren't we? There's the attachment group, the no-nonsense parenting group, the no parenting group, and on and on. Even when you find someone who is similar to you and the way they operate the two of you are so blasted busy cleaning up spit up and chasing after the toddler before he throws the poopy diaper on your newly cleaned floor that it's all you can do to have a five minute conversation at the park. Let alone actually get a story out, wholly complete without being interrupted. 
Yet when y'all come here and chit chat with me and I go to yours and chit chat back it's like we're young twenty somethings with nothing but time sitting at the coffee shop for hours sharing our hopes and dreams. Granted, not that I have hours to spare for blogging, it's usually a quick thing that I'm cramming in while I breeze through my email messages, glance at the news and so forth but still. Even if it's just five minutes or so I get to spend with you I enjoy it and appreciate you. So thanks, thanks for reading and for writing back. Thanks for writing yours and letting me into your crazy corner for a moment. Some days your words can make all the craziness seem worth it. 


  1. Aw, what a nice post!

    And I couldn't agree more.

  2. Cute post! I totally feel the same way. It's so much harder to make friends now than it used to be. I have the same friend void, only I'm the one who moved away from my best friend. That totally sucks. Here's to technology!

  3. You are awesome! It's a treat to know you online. I feel the same way. Blogging has helped me be creative and connect with others and it's a blessing.

  4. Jim and I were talking about how we moved out here. It was insane, and, trust me, I miss you tons, too!!!! I still get homesick. Sigh.

    I totally and whole heartedly agree with you on the trouble of making friends. It's been so hard, now that I'm just at home with Diego, trying to find my own little group of friends. I'll keep trying.

    Lovely post, darlin'. And do come visit sometime, anytime! Yeah?

  5. I feel the same way. I am in a new town with no friends and my blogging buddies keep me sane.

  6. Right back atcha.
    I totally agree. I missed my blog friends while we were away last week. I had no idea when I started blogging what it would truly become.

  7. It's lovely to read your blog...just wanted to say hi!
    Helen x

  8. aww.. what a lovely post. You've said it really, really well. It's hard to make new friends who are on the same page as you.. at least here we can scope out a blog and decide if we want to follow and read along without all the hassle that can go with it.. and.. the timing is perfect.. whenever we have the time.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog! You were my very first commenter ever. :)


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