Monday, June 22, 2009

My cursed brownies

I have this issue with hospitality. This need to want to do a good job when bringing things to pot-luck or other such gatherings. Maybe it's just being a woman. I mean it seems men have it so much easier. They are perfectly comfortable buying a bag of chips and a thing of salsa and plopping them down on the table. Me? Oh heavens no I couldn't do that! So I was all sad I was just making plain jane brownies but way too tired the night before to jazz them up. Off I set with my little tray of brownies, all nervous that they might be too chewy or too dry or too plain. A few people ate them and much to my delight those that did said good thing (at least to my face) but it did seem they liked them and I was all like Yeah! There were a few jokes of them being pot brownies (they weren't) because I have the reputation of being the hippy at work, but I just hoped the intrigue would get more people to eat them. But it was a BBQ roast (I brought my little tofu shaped like bbq ribs) and so everyone was stuffed just about before they got to desert so I was left with a huge thing of them still. Which was fine because it's summer and the beginning of events and gatherings so I had a meeting about this park thing we're doing and sure enough I: left the brownies on the table at home. I was so bummed. It sort of worked out though because noone brought anything to drink and they are a tad on the dry side. The next day I was like: Oh good, another meeting! Perfect opportunity to leave them on the mantel right by the door. I had to defend myself for some reason. I just felt compelled. "I swear I made brownies but I keep leaving them!" A friend told me that means someone is going to come and visit me and I'll need them then. I think it means I just keep snacking on them myself WHICH IS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO AVOID. 


  1. People make pot brownie jokes about me too, weird. I think people who eat tofu are just generally considered to be hippies. Far out.

  2. Guess it makes sense. I mean, if all we eat is plants you would think we'd eat all of them, right?

  3. Figures. Hopefully those brownies will get eaten by some one else.


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