Monday, June 29, 2009

My escape

I was reading Twinkle Scrapbooks blog the other day and it occurred to me that my blog is an escape for me at times. A place I can come and control the babble that comes out of my mouth, from the pea-soup that is my pregnant brain. Where I can make everything all pleasant and happy instead of frustrating and ugly. Not that everything is that way. There is so much good. But the frustrating part comes in with the lack of control. Maybe it's like this really huge painting, one that has a bunch of complicated parts in it. Some of it is all smooth and creamy and other parts rough and dark. That and it's something I can do indoors. Yeah. Always a bonus to not have to be in 100 degree heat. I made the remark that it's fun to "redecorate" my blog, and even more satisfying when say, I should be cleaning my house. Like a way to order my corner of the world when the rest of my world is in chaos, or seems that way. What about you? What is your blog to you? A way to keep up with people or let it all out?


  1. My blog is so important to me. It keeps me focused on the good things. I use my blog as a way to remind myself of the person that I really am, in spite of whatever may be going on around me.

  2. What an interesting take on things. I would have to agree that it can be an escape. It is a place where we can laugh about the frusterating parts of the day. A place where we have all made new friends and a place where no one really knows what will come next!


  3. I like this post. It's very interesting, contemplative.
    I see my blog as a chance to hone my writing skills, except I end up writing whatever comes to my mind, rather than crafting a piece. I love reading people's posts. It's fascinating to meet so many interesting people.

  4. Can we be blog sisters? I am so happy you feel like I do. :) My blog is the one thing I can control sometimes LOL.


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