Monday, June 1, 2009

My potty training saga... soga... as in soggy..

(Beware. If you leave a comment giving me advice on potty training I may just black-list you. Seriously people. Just say it out loud to yourself to get it out but I'm not in a 'ooh tell me how to raise my kid kind of mood' I'm in a hormonal, tired, just say: poor dear, kind of mood. -Thanks: The management) 

We tried to implement 'D-day.' This is what was listed out on the letter from our doctor, a page out of her text-book (she's a bigwig on kid stuff, I guess that's why we pay her so much) and it said to slowly introduce the potty stuff (check) and make it fun (check... Jon Travolta dance and all) and maybe read books/movies about potty stuff (check/check) and then just commit one day. Put the kid in panties and move forth. She actually sortof got the concept. In that: she would cry out Poopy! (It's all poopy to her... or she is actually saying: potty, not quite sure. What genius made those two words sound so alike?) And I did a little jig. I almost slipped. You see the ground was wet. Oops. Ok, let's take off soggy panties and try again. Of course daddy was napping so we just went with a pair of shorts. And then: poopy! You would have thought I learned, but I thought maybe I was too slow the last time so this time I jumped up to race her to the potty. And darn near fell. Pee was all over the hallway. She grinned at me. I sat down and told her three very long paragraphs about how she had to tell me BEFORE she went poopy. She grinned at me and babbled a just as long paragraph in her mix of actual words and baby talk. I put her in a third pair of shorts. Determined to WIN. She fell asleep. 
Me? I gave up and watched Jon and Kate and thought: at least there is just one. For now. The little handout said: if there are accidents, just try again! All chipper. And: if there are many accidents than you picked the wrong day: duh. The next day I asked her: do you want panty time? (She grinned.) Ok, well this time you have to say you want to go potty before you go potty. She cocked her head to the side, looked at me, then at hubby and said the best, full of meaning "Oh..." I have ever heard in my life. If I didn't know her better I would have thought we had a break-through. That she finally understood. But her sly grin told me she didn't and just had happened upon a syllable that made a bit of sense in the moment.
And seriously people. I know you mean well with the advice, but I will totally lose my mind and throw things at the computer and scream things like: of course I thought of that, but have you MET this child? And we can't afford a new one. Again. Computer I mean. When I want it, I'll ask. 


  1. You have my sympathy! I've got no advice, so don't worry. Wait, I do have advice (unrelated as it were)..Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

  2. I have to say, thinking of Kaiya tilting her little head and squeaking out a little "oh!" is adorable. Hey at least she's having a good time and doesn't seem to be traumatized by the potty training? There's a reason they made them so cute.

    It sounds like you guys are doing all the right things! So rock on! But like the old adage goes, you can take a toddler to the potty but you can't make them poop.

  3. awwww.. it's a tough time, cleaning up pee is never fun. I'm amazed you persisted that long!

    Me.. two leaks and a diaper would have been slapped on her butt. :)

    Thanks for the warning...I probably would have inundated you with mounds of unwanted potty training advice and I definitely don't want to get blacklisted... I want to see how the new wee one turns out. ;)

  4. Good luck with the training. No unwanted advice here. :)

  5. uh. Let me just offer some advice... Ah forget it.

  6. If potty training were easy, every kid would be potty trained before two. Good luck. She'll get it . . . eventually.

  7. Oh no! I don't even want to think about potty training Alex. We bought him a potty, so that he could get used to it, but he is a looong way off.

    Good luck!


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