Sunday, June 14, 2009

Preggo Guilt

Here is my struggle with weight, when I'm pregnant, in a nutshell. The last time I gained too much weight. Please, please, please don't comment something stupid like: you can't gain too much weight, because you can. 65 pounds. Um. Too much. Too much as in one week at my appointment my doctor was alarmed at how much my weight had shot up and ordered me to be induced. She was worried it could be blood pressure issues or something like that, I can't remember, my preggo pea-soup brain doesn't keep much in. So. This pregnancy I was determined to try harder, do better, at least shoot for the 20-30 pounds. Problem was I started off twenty pounds heavier. Partly due to having a baby and partly to my injury, so OK, I decided to just not count those twenty. But still. I'm not doing so hot. Though I am hoping the hot will help. I tend to eat less in the summer anyway, and last time I was crescendoing right at holiday time which meant lots of parties, and deserts. People from other floor in the office building would come find me to drag me to some other office's party because you could always crash it with a pregnant girl. 
All this to say that I'm going to try and eat better, not so much crap at least. Which is hard since this pregnancy just about the only thing I've craved has been Taco Bell. And I will try and eat a little less. The old adage: you're eating for two isn't really true. I read somewhere that it's more like you're eating for 1.3 or something. And in another article I read that you should stop eating, even when you're pregnant, when you are no longer hungry not when you are full. It took me a second to digest (ha) that but there really is a difference. What I'm trying to do now is not keep eating just because it's in my bowl or plate. I'll never forget this one meal I had with a friend when halfway through it she splashed her water onto her plate. I looked at her like she was crazy and she just shrugged and said she had learned that if you are tempted to keep eating you could throw water on your food to get yourself to stop. Sadly, I don't think that would make me stop. Maybe if someone threw hamburger on it. Or a hair. I hate hairs in food. Which is a problem because I have a lot of hair. Anyway. I digress. 


  1. Like a chocolate from Mary's Puddin' Hill?

  2. in food is so gross, but it doesn't count if it's your own. For some reason that never works.

    But maybe if you try spilling the water trick and then watch your food absorb and expand it might deter you away from it. Of course, it would probably just prompt me to eat it quicker, but alas...

  3. It's weird how nobody thinks they are gaining the right amount of weight while pregnant, it's always too much or too little.

  4. Wow. That's hard because you think I'm pregnant, I can eat all I want. Total bummer. Maybe you can try to fill up more on favorite veggies and fruit. When I was pregnant with Evan, that's all I craved or he'd make me get sick if I had too much junk food. Yup, a little dictator in the womb.

  5. That water in the plate trick is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. I love it!


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