Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bo Bo Kaiya

Kaiya and I were having our usual mommy-daughter time. We operate under the principal that the parent who works (me) has to have very purposeful time with the kid. It's not just for her sake either, I actually ache for her sometimes. I have a feeling guys probably feel the same way deep down they just grunt and scratch more to express it. Anyway. It of course is also to give the stay at home parent a much needed break. So when we went on a trip to the new library, because I hadn't been yet and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, I had in mind about how long it would take to give hubs the needed break time and me and the little gal the needed alone girly time. I pulled up and saw signs in the front that weren't handicapped. Now, you never quite know what you're gonna get. One of our grocery store chains actually has some "expectant mom" spots. I just love those. They make me feel all proud. Though I would only park in them when I was huge, because I didn't want the dirty looks. More common now are the "parent with kid(s)" spots. Sometimes we'll all go and I'll wait in the car while he takes her in and I glare at the young yuppies who dare to park there in their sports cars without said kid. But oh no, my friend, I don't even know if you can guess what this spot said: "hybrid cars."
A great big huge: WAHUH? And my first thought was: this is that kind of library. Alas, I'll have to post about the green library adventure another day because there were two chatterbox kids that squawked as soon as I opened the door "it's closed!" Across the street from the library is a fish store. Every now and then I get touched with the spontaneous. In we went. We had been before and Kaiya remembered it but she was a little older now and able to appreciate it. She also understands the concept of a store and was thoroughly expecting to get a fish. I started debating it in my mind, after all we are trying to cramp down now and save, save, save, but they had one for only five bucks. And the thing could swim in a regular bowel without frills so, even better. So when I came through the door and Kaiya went running to tell daddy "got fish!" he was more than a little surprised. I think mainly because I'm not the one who normally goes out and just buys stuff. We set up the fish in an old fish bowel we had with some pretty pebbles left over from wedding decorations and then all sat down to admire it. We turned to Kaiya and asked her what we were going to name it. She looked perplexed at first, like "duh, you idiots, you name stuff, not me" but then grinned and said Kaiya! We thought about it for a second but decided it would be too hard on the fish to always be yelled at so I pulled the first thing I could think of out of my huge pregnant bottom and asked her: "bo bo?" She immediately nodded and said "BO BO!" Thus, the fish is named. It's full name is Bo Bo Kaiya, or Kaiya Bo Bo- depending on who you talk to- in case you are curious.


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