Sunday, July 19, 2009

The computer never lies.

Hubby set up the computer to do this new thing where it has a screen of all the sites we regularly go to, in the order we go to them. Guess which site was first? Um. Yeah. Mine. I was seriously hoping it was his Gmail site. I may try to sabotage it now and just click on it before each time I open mine. What? Is that wrong? In all fairness to me I sometimes just glance at it or skim over some of my favorite blogs in about five minutes. Seriously. I try to have one day where I really take my time and get to enjoy reading and writing and then a few other days where I just spend a few minutes for maintenance. Of course sometimes I get sucked in to your worlds and the few minutes grows.... but that's hardly my fault right? Stop being so interesting. Please.


  1. I'll try, but I can't promise anything.

  2. got it.. boring posts from now on.

  3. I take the weekends off from reading blogs because I can't pull myself away without a few good parameters.

  4. I am boring! LOL
    I try to visit them once or twice a week it really depends on how crazy my week is...I wish I could blog stalk (as I call it) more often. I love reading blogs. :)

  5. It does lie though! I swear. Mine has Mom Blog Network fourth after Facebook. Do you know how many times I go on Mom Blog Network? I'm addicted to voting.
    I think your blog is much more interesting than mine, which is why I visit it.


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