Thursday, July 2, 2009

De-bullyfying mama

I wonder how I am going to survive my kid going to school. What brought this line of thought on was seeing my daughter's scratched up legs. You see, the new kittens have these brand new razor sharp claws and my daughter loves the new kittens. So the inevitable result of two hyper little kittens and one hyper little two year old is a lot of scratches. I felt instantly protective. I wanted to ring their little necks. But of course, they are innocent. It got me thinking though. How am I going to handle it when she gets pushed by a bully? I once heard about a woman who actually slapped a little kid who hit her child. She could have been thrown in jail but part of me was like: oh gee, that so could be me. I'm just hoping I learn to chill a little. Let my daughter fight her own battles. Or even realize what is a battle and what isn't. For example: she doesn't even seem to mind when the kitties scratch her. She loves them so dearly and keeps going back for more. 
Maybe I just need to watch Finding Nemo again. 

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  1. I know what you mean. But I'm hoping that as they get bigger and we teach them to stand up for themselves that this urge to Kill that kid who pushed Our babies will die.


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