Monday, July 6, 2009

Done, done. Car!

We had a blast on the fourth, though it was ridiculously hot. It was like brain-melting hot. I think I might have sat in one spot for like forty minutes and not had a single thought. That was nice. After the baseball game this guy played a really long concert. We had no idea who he was but were a little annoyed at having to be held captive and listen to him just to see some fireworks. Luckily for us another venue across the street was having some and started about twenty minutes earlier. Those seemed to be the perfect distance, we could see them clearly but could hardly hear them. The ones we were there to see, not so much. Let's just say chips of the wooden parts of the fireworks were landing on us. As fun as it was for me, I just love being that close and it almost seems worth it to have burning firework bits raining down on you, my two year old was not as convinced. After a few minutes she went scrambling to daddy's arms and then started saying: done, done.... car! Poor thing. I can only hope that baby boy likes fireworks because this is the third year in a row she has not been too fond of them. Though, granted the first year she was only a few months old so that was understandable


  1. Don't you wish you could program to like the same things you do?


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