Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

I just love Kaiya's high-chair. I got it at a baby-shower from some sweet friends and we seem to keep finding new uses for it so: my five favorite things to have Kaiya do in the high-chair!

1. Play with Play-Doh! Yeah! Nothing like keeping the mess contained and this way we can give her all her cookie cutters, play-doh scissors and spaghetti-maker thingy.

2. Do art. I love to do art with her but it is nice to have the mess contained again and I can easily pull up a chair and paint along with her on the other side of her tray. I especially love how determined she gets once she gets into it and furiously attacks her canvas with a brush. I use the word canvas lightly. We use little paper plates turned upside down.

3. Eat of course. You thought I'd never say that one huh? We tend to make her sit in it now just for messy meals though it is nice even if she's just snacking to have her contained.

4. Strap her in. The contained part... ahhh... She rarely lets us do this anymore and since she's getting coordinated enough it's not a battle I fight every time but if I'm quick enough at it she doesn't quite realize she's strapped in until it's too late... mwha ha ha!

5. That she can climb up in it herself. This is no small thing now that I'm getting a little huger each second and it is getting harder and harder to bend over and pick her up. Our chair is easy to climb up in (for her) and it is so adorable watching her scramble up in it.


  1. Now I would like to see a picture of her in said high-chair.

  2. Ask and you shall receive. I have no idea what the green and blue stuff is.

  3. Haha--cute picture.

    We don't have a real highchair, just one of those ones that attaches to a regular chair. And honestly? Alex won't even stay in it to eat 99% of the time.

    But doing art/playdough in the highchair is a great idea. I'll have to try that sometime :)

  4. High chairs are the best!


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