Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

So baby boy name is still up in the air. Here it goes: my five favorite baby boy names.

1. Zeekthanial. No seriously. I made that one up. Don't worry. I'm not going to name my kid that. (And my sister is probably saying "thank God.") I heard the name Zeek once and thought it was so cool, but to short so I attached the ending. 

2. Caedan. I do love this name and up until a week ago it was a front-runner but unfortunately it means "round one." I mean, I can't give the kid a complex can I? I'm trying to tell myself they mean, like a rounded person, with good qualities, etc. 

3. Chance. I have always loved this name, but I'm not sure if I can get over a really annoying person I recently interacted with by the same name. Hubby never understands how I can let one person ruin it, but then he had some ex-girlfriend names that were on the no no list for Kaiya so he can't really talk.

4. Keagan. I do love this name. It has been the front runner but I want a C name this time. Someone suggested just spelling it with a C which may work. I love the meaning: firey one, spirited. But then that makes me wonder: am I insane? Though, I think from all the gymnastics going on inside that he is firey no matter what I name him. 

5. My hubby's name. I try to keep his privacy on it, but let's just say that before I even met him I already loved the name. And now? I love it even more. Sigh. I don't think we're going to go with a Jr. though. 


  1. I like Chance! But I'm sure whatever you go with will be great and will fit the kid.

    I waited until Alex was born to decide. We had limited ourselves down to three names that we both agreed on, and the second I saw him I picked!

  2. Picking names is sooo hard.
    PS My hubby said NO to an invented name as well. booo

  3. Oh I remember picking names! So much fun and so stressful at the same time. And, may I just tell you, I completely understand the "one person ruining it" thing. You wouldn't believe how many otherwise perfectly fine names were no-no's for me since I knew someone who was undesirable in some way with the name...oh my.

    On a separate note, I love Keagan...but I get the whole C name thing. I also love the name Caedan. Chance is a nice name...but of course I know someone in the undesirable category with that one haha.

  4. I love Caedan! Don't worry too much about the meaning. My name means "the lame one".

  5. If you like Keagan's meaning but want a C, maybe you can just look at the meanings of C names. Other than that, Good Luck!


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