Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

My five favorite hats that Kaiya has come up with lately:

1. Her slinky. While it may have not been the cutest one, it was very ingenious I thought they way she bent it around her little head and then squealed hat!!

2. Daddy's hats. This one she gets some help on, because sometimes when we can't find one of hers we make one of ours small so she can wear it. It is the cutest thing though to me when she wears one of his.

3. Play doh. Ok, this one wasn't all that thrilled with having to clean up but it sure was cute and her giggle made it worth it.

4. A kitty. I of course was scrambling to get it off her before it clawed out her eyes. They are remarkably tolerant of her considering they are now about the same age as her and you think they wouldn't put up with it as much.

5. My underwear. Ah, the classic thing that it seems all children do at some point. Luckily she picked a clean pair. I saw a funny picture that was making fun of the priceless pictures and it said: 'not telling your cousin that his underwear hat has a brown streak on it: priceless' I about peed.


  1. Ah, the underwear hat. She's got a career in comedy.


Got any random bits of your own?