Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

For all my grumbling and worrying this week I am going to force myself to be positive about being pregnant. So: my five favorite things about being huge. I mean preggo.

1. Ok, so I really do like the big round belly. Only in the right light and in optimal conditions, but there is something just like really sort of beautiful about it. And natural, in this weird sort of way. I mean it is strange seeing a part of you so enlarged but to me it just makes sense too.

2. The little cuddly, snuggly feelings inside. Or as Bobeesah writes about here "inner baby wiggles." She does it much more justice so just go there and read her post.

3. The royal status. It was probably more fun the first time, being let into the whole you're almost a mom and sooo much a woman club. It surprised me though how sweet people could be. When they weren't saying stupid things like can I touch you or 'having twins, eh?'

4. My free ticket to crash anyone's lunch date/party. People at work actually use me for this, they'll stop by because another office is having a luncheon and so they grab me and shove me through the door. Because, seriously? Who is going to tell a pregnant woman they can't have food?

5. That I get to spend nine months, ok really eight because it's not like you truly know right away, getting to know this little person. I swear some of their personality comes out in the womb.


  1. I keep wondering what little things will carry over on the other side, because this little lady in my guts is ACTIVE!

  2. I thought I was the only one who thought the baby's personality was there in the womb. Well, I know it is, but that we could tell in a way, the small differences. I keep wondering how this one will be different or similar...and then freaking out because we're going to FIND OUT! Ack!! Um, denial? Yes, please.


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