Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monkey Madness

I love all the new things she can do really. But now that we are in the monkey stage I'm not so sure anymore. By monkey stage I mean, just total, utter, chaos. I have a feeling many more black eyes are a-coming.

Exhibit A: She can now take off her diaper. She loves to do this most when she has a poopy in it. Especially a disgusting, messy, green one. She tries to wipe herself. Usually getting said green poop all over everywhere but on the wipe. Let's just say potty training has been a two step forward, four steps back sort of progress lately.

Exhibit B: She has discovered the power of climbing, ok, she discovered it a while ago, but now she is putting it to some serious use. Nothing like when you swing your little leg up over your head and hoist your tiny butt up to some place you so should not be. And here I was smugly thinking that only boy toddlers did this. Thus far I have only found her in the play pen, and the freezer. If you are thinking the play pen is not an unusual place at all, lady, well we keep ours full of toys and it's four feet off the ground.

There's this sense that we got to somehow get it all together and sort out her toys so the little tiny pieces aren't left out when baby gets here. And while I'm glad he'll be immobile for a bit I have a feeling like most children who aren't first born he's going to be clamoring after big sis as fast as he possibly can.

Is it really going to get even crazier?


  1. It could get a lot crazier if she starts combining exhibits A and B! I'm just saying...

  2. Ha! Climbers. They make the world more . . . exciting.

  3. oh I can so feel your pain... my son is doing the same thing at the moment. Nothing like having to clean it up and stop the other two from stepping in poop while you try and difuse the situation. *L*


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