Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pick your battles

I shouldn't be so harsh with my daughter. She is so sweet. Lately she gets so excited when she sees the kittens and she'll say, squeak rather, "they're so cute!" And it melts your heart. But she also wants whatever she wants RIGHT NOW and if you don't understand her than your torturing her and keeping the one thing she wants more than anything from her because you are evil and why would you be evil to an innocent little baby? Whining finds that place on my spine and rattles it and lately it's either: happy go lucky kid or whining little monster. Not much in between. I think it would help if there was at least some ramp up. But no, she hits total meltdown in .067 seconds and I'm left looking stupid in a grocery store or some other fun place.
The other day she hit melt down and so then I hit melt down and I started screaming at her to chill out, when it occurred to me that she's still learning all of this stuff, and what was my excuse? Hormones of course, but still.
I have found that if I can figure out what she wants, which is harder when her interpreter (daddy) isn't around, but the more she uses her babble words the more they start to sound like actual ones and the less time I'm standing there guessing the more time I have to scramble and get what she wants. Unless it's an item that we have to fight over, and as the saying has been used very frequently in our house lately: pick your battles.


  1. Can I say that I relate with my dog? I swear I can interpret my dog's obsessive whining.

  2. That whiney babble! I hate that, especially when you know that they know the words.


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