Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This no sleep thing....

Remind me again why it is that just before you're about to have this screaming little thing with you all night long and will be wan for sleep that you can't sleep anyway the last few months of pregnancy? I'm at the I'm-too-huge-to-breathe stage. No. There will be no pictures. I don't have one of those cute little rounded bellies. I have one of those grotesque what the heck is that??? bellies and there will be no documentation of it so help me. There is only one I think of the last bellisode that my friend snagged when I wasn't looking. And she wonders why I don't talk to her? So it is that I get up around three or four in the morning to pee and some nights I can't get back to sleep because the task of rolling over takes so much energy my mind is racing by the time I'm a fourth of the way there. I start worrying about getting a baby mattress (because I read somewhere that a good source of SIDS might actually be old used mattresses, and since SIDS is just creepy enough to totally freak me out and we will need one anyway since Kaiya is thoroughly attached to her toddler bed and not ready for the big bed yet so it just makes sense.) I digress. Where was I? Oh yes. You see, it's 4:11am my friend. It started with the usual pee break. Then there was this horrendous kicking. Then my imagination went wild: what if he actually broke a rib? Like what if the rib was sticking out and they had to do surgery (because when you watch Grey's Anatomy, well that is the answer to everything.) And then my doctor put me on bed-rest. Would I be able to work from home? Heavens if I couldn't and I had to take some unpaid leave should we just file for bankruptcy and put on rags and go beg at the corner?? And would I insist that Kaiya at least be in pink rags? Well... I am going to pop three more tums and try to go to sleep. Hoping little vampire baby boy doesn't break some ribs. Or that the two glasses of juice I just chugged because I'm stupid actually stay down for an hour or two. I need this cuddly little baby out of me people.


  1. Oh :( I had trouble sleeping towards the end of my pregnancy. And I so sympathize with the racing thoughts.

    When is your due date? (I should know, but I totally forget.) I hope you find some comfort soon! Sleep is GOOD!

  2. I'm right there with you. Last night I was convinced that she had broken my xiphoid process (why do I even know what a xiphoid process is?) and that there was a tiny chunk of bone floating around waiting to puncture a lung or something.

  3. PS I get irritated when people tell me that sleeplessness is my body's way of preparing me for sleepless nights when the baby arrives, that makes NO sense, it just makes me even more tired in advance of sleepless nights.

  4. I'm in my 2nd trimester and sleep ALREADY sucks. Why??....sigh....

    I've even gone so far as to try meditation or relaxation techniques in the middle of the night. And when I get up to pee, because I WILL, I don't turn on lights full blast, and I make myselft do everything really slowly. And I'm still huffing and puffing just from getting up off the bed, but still. It sometimes works. Even if it doesn't I can pretend it does. hahaha

    You're little one will be here SOON! Yay!!

  5. Yeah. That sucks. I hated that part. I would snuggle with my body pillow in hopes to lull me back to sleep. Hopefully Kaiya's sleeping through the night.


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