Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Turning off the Tube. And the internet.

Ok, this might not be my most popular post and feel free to send a hate comment, I'll probably just delete it because I have that power mwhahaha. But am I the only one sick of Michael Jackson all the time? Yes, the guy was a great artist, but as a mom, I'm sorry. I can't get past how he treated little kids. It's gross. And wrong. And guess what? Anyone who hurts kids and has inappropriate relationships with them should be punished. Just because you are super rich doesn't mean you shouldn't face a judge and actually be punished for a crime. Do I like his music? Sure, I mean, he was incredible. But did I like the way he lived his life? Heck no. And to be honest, I don't think that someone is talented means we should just look the other way when they commit felonies. I personally can't. Children can be scarred forever and who is the voice for them? Not their crappy parents. They just want a paycheck from the lawsuit. I just want me TV back. But then again, I'm not sure why. Next month the next news story will be splashed all over it. Still, this past few weeks has been surreal. I mean, there's nothing quite like seeing a split screen on CNN with the Thriller video playing on one side and an aerial shot of a hospital on the other. This is a crazy, tv-fied world we live in, isn't it?


  1. You'll be comforted to know your Mom feels the same way. (Not sure about the music being "great" part, but all the rest.)
    What you're seeing on broadcast TV is even worse, much worse on dish/cable. Every blasted channel (except CSPAN).

  2. I think that this funeral coverage and the constant barrage of Man in the Mirror is buggin'. I am ready to hear some good old fashioned news. Surely there are more important things going on...like what is our president doing, or who is in a state of political unrest?

  3. You are not alone in your thoughts! I feel the same way. He wrote some hit songs but in my mind that does make him a legend because being a child molester (which I believe he was) negates that. I really wish it was not on every station ALL the time. I am kind of sick of it because I feel like it is glorifying celebrity. This is just my two cents...
    :) tina

  4. And guess what! We'll get to hear all about the custody battle over his kids and the legal fight over his estate. I just feel bad for those kids. You got to wonder if people have what's best for the kids in their hearts or just see the kids as a way to get all that money.


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