Friday, July 10, 2009

The up side of HOT

So the other day I was at the pool chatting with a neighborhood mom. I was lamenting having to be really really huge in August when she remarked that at least it wouldn't still be super hot when the baby was here. It stopped me because she was totally right. By the time he is here and I'm ready to get out of the house it will actually be perfect weather as opposed to when we were ready to romp around with Kaiya and it was just starting to get hot. So, while I still don't think this would have been my first choice for a due date at least there is an upside. Plus I like that we will totally have a reason to be very low key for Thanksgiving. Yeah! Always a bonus. So here is to the seeing the upside of whatever is disappointing you lately!


  1. It's good to have an upside :)

    I did enjoy taking long walks with Alex throughout the fall. It was perfect weather for a new baby.

  2. Every cloud has a silver lining.


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