Saturday, August 1, 2009

August??? Freak out time.

August??? Is it really already August? They moved my date up to Sept 28th so basically I only have two months left. Ack!!! And Yeah!!! Why is it always both of those at once? I keep vacillating between feeling so ready for him to come already and then freaking out that I don't have enough time. It was worse the first time, but now there is the added bonus of a toddler running around so let's just say we aren't quite as far along on the ready train as we had hoped. On an up side? I'm still alive? I had seriously thought this dreaded hot summer would do me in by August, so yeah for survival! Though, my swim-suit, I don't think she's going to make it till the end. Poor thing is so stretched now I have had to add a tank top over it because let's just say the v-neck is getting a little too V for me. Plus the leopard dots can only stretch so far before they start to look like that thing on Gorbachev's head. (Yes I had to look up how to spell it.) Not to mention my boss has added all these projects, yeah, because our grant money will end in September. Plus my mentoring will start again, and while I'm excited about that my new office is further away from the school so I can't fit it all in my lunch hour and half to figure out how to make up the difference. Like seriously? Is August this crazy for everyone, getting back to school and into the swing of things or am I just jumping the gun?


  1. No, August is always crazy! Well, I wore my new tankini yesterday and it is too midriffy for me and I am not 8 months pregnant (not pregnant at all) so that should make you feel better.Soon we will get to see pictures of your beautiful baby. You are close to the finish line so hang in there. :)

  2. The one thing I splurged on when I was pregnant with Evan was a pregnancy swimsuit. I think it's the cutest maternity thing I own.
    Take deep breathes. You can do it!

  3. i feel your pain...and joy. you are clearly in love with mothering and that means you are great at it and your children are blessed to have you and each other!!!!hang in there


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