Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Belly picture

I never take belly pictures. But you had to see this thing. It's just so enormous. It's like, so, round. Er. yeah. I'm scaring all my co-workers lately. They worry I'll go into labor and they'll be the only one at the office and have to deliver. But, I get to wear my crocs to work now. Because it's all I can fit into anymore.


  1. You're huge!
    And that's such a cute picture!

  2. That picture made my day! I'm so glad you shared it.

  3. Yay for belly pictures, it's beautiful! And lovely round.

    And yay for wearing crocs! They're just so darned comfy.

  4. Ah, thanks. Hubby says it looks like a giant boob. Sheesh. Men.

  5. Men think anything round and large is like a boob. Doesn't make it any less pretty. So enjoy the belly and take care until the baby. Get some rest. When are you taking time off?


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