Sunday, August 16, 2009

The best three words in the whole wide world

I don't know when I first said them, or who I said them to. I imagine it was my family. But we didn't say it a ton. I remember when I went to college and I heard other kids telling their parents 'I love you' after every call it was sort of like: oh. I don't do that. Say that every call I mean. And then I went through this whole weird period where I wanted to be very sparing with the words. I am not sure why. Hubby was actually the first boy I said the words too. Before then I thought I was in love with a few here and there but never brave enough to venture out. He actually said it first, of course, and I'll never forget the tender look in his eyes. It was right after I had bared my soul about the pain of a friend's death and we had grown closer that weekend. We say them all the time now. Neither of us can get enough of it. In fact just yesterday he was fussing at me for always telling Kaiya bye I love you and sometimes forgetting to say it to him. He's right. I should say it as much as possible to both of them. Kaiya has been hearing it for a while now. And sometimes I can't help but prod a little.... "Mommy loves you, do you love me? Can you say love? Love.... la... la... vahh..". and she giggles, or goes back to playing with her toy. Sometimes she cocks her head to the side, like she's seriously thinking about it but not quite ready to commit yet. I think she get's that from me. I mean, part of me wonders if she is like: well mommy, those are serious words, and you're great and all but then again, I could use some more suckers. So a few days ago when she said "I love you" it was the sweetest sound in the whole wide world. I wasn't prepared for this. I knew I would love my kid, I just didn't know how much and how I would love them, and not just any kid but all the little quirks and bits that make them who they are. I think I am going to branch out with the l word a bit more. I do love my bloggy friends. Not quite the same of course, but just so you know today you are at least loved by one hugely pregnant, frazzled, clinging to her twenties gal in Texas. Well. You are.


  1. How wonderful that she said it for the first time! Your heart must have just about burst...particularly with those pregnancy hormones.

  2. Awwwww...Hearing that must have made you turn to mush, because just thinking about D saying that to me, makes me mushify.

    And, p.s., I love you, too. : )

  3. Yay! Oh man, I think that when I hear my little girl say I love you to me I will know joy I haven't known. Right now I live for her kisses and she's just started giving hugs and they are amazing. I love saying I love you and hearing it too. I used to be sparing with it, but you know what if I love someone I'm going to tell them. Life is to short to be stingy with the I love yous.

    I love you, my bloggy friend.


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