Sunday, August 23, 2009

A bit rambly

There has been a recent change in the radio station in our household. By that I mean, the incessant replaying of whatever TV show Kaiya is enamored with at the time. She's been channel surfing so to speak, but it's interesting to me that she seems to really like any shows with kids. She's not really into cartoons but any old thing with some kids on it and she's totally engrossed. Lately we've been wondering if she watches too much tv, which of course is our fault, and I certainly could stand to turn the darn thing (or, ahem, the computer) off myself. While part of me is amazed that she can now sit through most of a movie the rest of me is not so sure that's as valuable a skill as we like to think it is. Plus, I feel like, why miss out on this? When I actually stopped her watching this afternoon, and my goofing off on the computer, long enough for us to do something together it was surprisingly fun. We started painting a rain stick (is that what they're called, those tubey thingies with the rocks/pebbles in them??) but the poor thing got paint all over her eye which made bath time oh so much fun. Then we had an interesting lesson in time-telling as I tried to explain to her that the pool was open for only a couple of hours and she needed to tell me now if she wanted to go (which, sadly, it wasn't because apparently it had been "lightening" which I don't believe and I think the lazy teenage lifeguards were just mad they got stuck working on a Sat. afternoon) but anyway I explained that it was like two Wiggles shows or four Elmos. She looked at me and patted my leg. Lately she has been so caring, it is adorable. When I need help up she rushes over to help me, which is sweet of course but not much help. It's not for lack of effort though, the kid about ripped off my thumb trying to pull my so-getting-way-too-close-to-200lbs self up. Then when I asked hubby for water she went running and brought me back a cup. My heart melted.
And that concludes this rambly post.


  1. She sounds like such a sweet girl. You must be doing something right!

  2. Kaiya is so adorable. She's going to be the best big sister. Don't beat yourself up of the tv and movie sitting. DVD time was invented at our house, so that I could actually clean the kitchen when I was pregnant.


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