Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bo Bo?

As records go, I personally broke one. That is, this fish stayed alive longer than any other I've owned. It made it about three weeks. Yeah! So, since I used to have this huge hump in relationships, that of a month, that I had yet to crack until I met hubby maybe that means eventually I'll find the fish that sticks around? I lost you didn't I? It's ok, I lost myself too. What probably didn't help was the incessant prodding, with a pen usually, because we kept thinking it was dead when the poor thing was sleeping. Sadly, Kaiya keeps asking: Bo Bo? And each time her voice gets a little softer, like it's just an afterthought. Here are some of the answers I've given her: he's gone baby, he's visiting Nemo, he's sleeping, he's visiting the cats. The last one is true. I wanted Bo Bo to be given a burial. Hubby wanted to feed him to the cats. Men can be so practical sometimes it's infuriating. Of course, we have the stupidest cats in the world so they just sat there looking at it like: what's that? It sure doesn't look like our Iams cat food knock off you buy from the store? (Though they have been so patient with Kaiya lately, she actually danced with one to a Wiggle video and the poor thing just glared at her and muttered.)
So Bo Bo is no more. We meant to go get another one but it slipped our mind, so for right now there is just this sad empty fish bowl which I have yet to get the nerve to clean. It sort of makes me sad, because it was one job I could do: clean the fish bowl. (everything else it seems involves way too much bending)


  1. My luck with kids and fish is lacking as well. At last attempt Abigail (the oldest) added chemicals to the water that she should not have and Emma (the middle) forgot to feed it. Abigail killed hers within hours. Emma's live for about a month and then died. We too had the intention of replacing it but forgot so the tank sat empty. About a month into our invisable fish Emma notices that Princess was gone. We told her perhaps she was just invisable. She caught on right away!


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  2. Yeah, fish never live long enough do they? I had a beta that lived for two years, that's my record.

  3. Poor Kaiya. My condulences to the family.
    I wish I could have seen the looks on your cats: with the new fish dish or Kaiya dancing with one.

  4. Fish and frogs never do well in our house. I think the longest we have made it is a few months. Poor fishies!
    tina :)


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