Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

I just devoured the new Stephenie Meyer book "the Host," ok, ok, so it's not exactly new I think it's been out a year or so but I finally got around to it. I am trying to get some reading in before the months of no sleep and drool all over me. So for this week's list: my five favorite female authors. Because I tend to obsess over authors and devour everything they write. And female just to help narrow it down.

1. Annie Dillard. I first discovered Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and was mesmerized. I then read For the Time Being right after 9/11 and it was the perfect book for that moment. I sometimes give up though on hers, most recently I can't seem to make it through the Mayflowers but mostly I love her stuff.

2. J.K. Rawlings (sp?) I love books where you get sucked into a world and the Harry Potter books certainly achieved that end.

3. Stephenie Meyer. For the same reason. The Host was actually pretty good and I was a bit sad it wasn't another trilogy.

4. Anne Lamott. She cracks me up and I swear she writes my thoughts sometimes. I love her stuff on parenting, it's just so real.

5. Francine Rivers. I don't really get into the ones where she retells bible characters but I just recently read "And the Shofar Blew" and was blown away.... haha... get it... and I remembered that I do like her more modern stories. I can't remember the other two I've read but one was something about a tapestry and I liked it a lot.


  1. I'm also a huge fan of Anne Lamott. She's got such a raw voice- pulls you right in.

  2. You know how you can go your whole life without hearing a name, and then you hear it ALL the time? My friend Kathleen just recommended Anne Lamott to me, and now here it is TWICE (your post and the comment).


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