Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

Sorry this one is a bit... moo.... late... hehe.. My five favorite things about farming games.... ah.

1. It's something I can actually do. Like while I sit. On my big fat pregnant behind. Ok, I shouldn't feel such a sense of accomplishment from it since it's a silly game but I do. So there.

2. As Hubby pointed out, it's my version of nesting. I think he would prefer the more natural kind. So would I. And in my defense I did start to organize the babies clothes but it's just so hot and Kaiya takes so much energy so I'd rather move the sheep around then say, dressers.

3. Many of my friends and family do it and it feels like a way to connect with them, even if they are on at different times and such... one friend in particular we keep leaving these cute little notes on sign posts. Sigh. fun.

4. It's fantasy. I like the thought of having a farm, really I do, but all that work? So much easier to point and click.

5. I like getting things. Gifts are fun. Even if it is just a little computerized image it is the neatest thing to get a cow from someone. How cool is that??


Got any random bits of your own?