Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Green Adventure

So we were able to make it back to the green library and in some ways I was impressed but mostly I was disappointed. It wasn't so much "green" as it was trying to revive the Jetsons. And, honestly, as cool as you can try to make a library, it's still a library. If anything it seemed more like the new grocery stores. I don't know if you have these where y'all live but here in Texas we are working our best to replace humans. We have these new grocery check out lines that are automatic. I hate them. As much as I thought it should only take an eighth of a brain to scan items and put them in a bag apparently there is a certain art form to do it. Every time I think "ooh look, those lines are empty" and I try it I realize that the person who was ten deep is still beating me out the door. Maybe it would work for you. If you're not pregnant. Anyway. I digress. This library has those automatic check out thingys but it is even more complicated than the grocery store. And there is nothing more frustrating than a computer getting impatient with you. It actually was faster the time I went, but only because there were only two check-out lines and there were people applying for membership in both. For some reason that process takes two hours. It was nice walking around the clean newness of the library and I admit the artwork was really cool for once but I kept muttering to myself how much this was going to cost me in taxes. Plus we recently decided to be a smart city and put our libraries ahead of our firefighters so it felt like I was cavorting with the enemy since I think cutting firefighters is stupid. Probably since my bro-in-law is one, but still, it makes me mad to think one of them could get hurt, or one of us could get hurt worse because there's not enough of them. But oh no! We have books! And a silly library with automatic crap that keeps breaking. Already. But I digress again. Here is the best part: a toddler computer. It almost makes me want to just make cookies for the firefighters and say tough luck guys. It is amazing. I can just sit. I love just sitting. Especially now. So we sat for a long time playing games. It occurred to me that these same games are mostly online so we could use this idea at home. But we don't want her messing up the new computer. So we go to the library so she can mess up that one. Ooh and I like the family bathroom. These were a great idea. I like having the privacy and not getting glared at when my kid scrambles under the stall door while I'm doing my thing.


  1. We had some hybrid version of a smart library in Denver, but it never seemed that people were willing/able to utilize the technology.

  2. What an awesome library!

    I think using the computer there is a great idea. As you said, you don't mess up the home machine with all that random button pushing... and then they don't associate your home computer with fun games! You'll appreciate this down the road...

  3. I thought of you on my trip to San Diego because I went to the DMV and they had parking spots for hybrids. I'd never seen them and I live in San Francisco that is pretty "green".

  4. Gosh, we sure a living in a new age. Such changes we are seeing. Yes, sometimes I think it's like the Jestson too. LOL!


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