Monday, August 3, 2009

a moment

There are moments where we get to discover just who we are. I used to think they were always the crisis ones, but perhaps they are varying in size and shape. Some might even be from the quiet, still times where you just know you are changing. I wonder though if more of them are times when we don't even realize it's happening. A few years down the way we look back and go "there, right there, was a pivotal moment." But at the time? No clue.
Of course there are obvious times: birth of a child for sure, getting married, etc. But what I am getting at is that lazy Saturday where you are sitting on your bed with your kid. Maybe you're watching another Wiggles episode, likely you are zoning out to save the last few brain cells you have left that the Wiggles haven't corrupted, or maybe you're just sitting there. She looks at you with that little sly look that is all her. Not you. Not your husband, but her. And you realize she is real. Right here. All you have to do is be there with her, in that moment, be her mommy, be her friend, but just be there. For once there is no thought of competition, of being the best mommy, of worry that you are screwing it all up- screwing her all up- there is simply time you get to spend with your daughter. And it's perfect.


  1. That's beautiful. And very true. I love those simple, easy moments with Diego. And I can't wait to have them with the next little guy!

  2. Simply beautiful. It's amazing when you realize they are totally seperate from you and they love you.

  3. I love those moments. I am constantly in awe that these children came from my body and how different and unique each one is. It really is amazing.


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