Monday, August 10, 2009

What kind of TV watcher is your kid?

I remember when my nephews were little and each at different times became obsessed with Blue's Clues. I would daydream about my own kids watching that cute show some day. But mine was hit with the Wiggle stick instead. And Wiggles don't make the watchers respond as much as Blue does. By that I mean when a show asks the audience a question and waits for an answer. It actually used to make me uncomfortable when that blue dog was staring at me expectantly. And I guess it was because my nephews seemed to be quiet TV watchers mostly. They may have responded a time or too, and giggled on occasion, but mostly they just watched. The youngest one would sing and dance to the show, but he was always musical. So when my daughter was watching a potty show (it's awful by the way, and she loves it. I've had to watch it so many times I want to gauge out my eyes.) and she started talking back to the TV I was a little surprised. And then my heart melted. It was the cutest thing. I may just have to give Blue a chance again because I can't wait to see if she'll talk back to him. I can just hear her now "A clue a clue!!"

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