Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who put the wall up?

I was pontificating about the reason for my newfound love with the farming games and I've settled on this: it's more than likely in large part due to this profound block I have. Writer's block that is. Which I keep blaming on pregnancy. Usually my blocks last maybe a few weeks, sometimes up to a couple of months and this one is settling in good at probably a month or two so we'll see if I'm in for the long haul. It was certainly bad timing as I tried to buckle down this Spring and get more serious about writing. Alas. However do people who make a living off of this manage to survive? I just don't know. And so at least, for that, I'm grateful, to have a stable (as can be) job especially in this economy and a family that loves and supports me. The thing I hate about writer's blocks is that it feels like when you have a really, really sore throat and it gets to the point that you have completely lost your voice. Not the scraggly sick person voice but nothing. No remnant of what even sounds like you. That's how I feel. Like I open my mouth and..... nothing. Which would be fine if all the swirling around in my head would stop. If I could just process things like a normal person instead of always having to see them in black and white staring me back in the face. I'm sort of dense that way. I'm sure most of you that write pretty frequently have some tricks you use, at this point I think anything could help. So the hormonal pregnant lady will step aside and open the floodgates (ha! All five of you!) of advice and promise not to throw ice cream covered pickles at you.


  1. You write pretty well about not being able to write, I must say.
    I have been in hiding for a long time too, so I understand where you are coming from.

  2. I have no advice, but I will say that before I was pregnant I used to write 3 pages a day in a journal and as soon as I got pregnant I just stopped.

    I think pregnancy hijacks your brain.

    My advice is just to do it.

  3. I remember having a praticularly horrible case of writer's block in college, where my grade dependent on writing. My teacher suggested writing a list of words and keep writing until something strikes you.
    I combat blog block by writing down everything I think will make a good post the minute I think about it. I record funny comments, funny actions, thoughts.
    I hope that helps. I think this was the best describtion of writer's block I've ever read.


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