Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday Hi-Five

Since I'm not sleeping, at all, my five favorite things to do when I wake up at oh dark thirty to go pee a thimble-full of liquid.

1. Pee again, after all it's been five minutes, right?

2. Get some food. Because, why not? And usually after being awake for 12 seconds I realize I'm hungry as a bear.

3. After a vain attempt to go back to bed, play some farm games... who-hoo! moo...

4. Read, in hopes that boredom will do the trick.

5. And, wait for it, you guessed it. Pee. Again.


  1. Nice. I prefer to just lay there and will labor to begin...then I go to the bathroom and pee instead.

  2. All before you have to spend months of feeding around the clock. Some one totally set this system up wrong.
    Great post!


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