Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just cry with her

It hasn't been the best month for pets for us. We have been a house of five cats for a while now, ever since the two new ones were born at the end of Spring. Kaiya has become attached to them and though I think she knows their names she always calls them "babies." A few weeks ago when we had enough of them racing around the house and summarily kicked them outside to join their mother and the other three outdoor cats, all of whom were kicked out and quite frankly, prefer the outdoors anyway; Kaiya lost it when she realized they were outside. She started running around frantically calling "babies! babies!" and scooped them up. So we eased her into the whole, they'll-be-fine-outdoors thing and eventually she got over it. We had discussed giving the kittens away, as we figured we would have a better chance of someone wanting little ones rather than our full grown rascals. Plus we figured hey, these are the last two, the least likely for her to be attached to. We couldn't be more wrong. She adores them and so we shelved the idea of getting rid of them.
I was a little surprised when Hubby burst through the door asking where the kittens were. He announced there were some friends at church who wanted the kitties and were going to take them to a farm that a bunch of kids would also be at. I thought for a second, and was like, well that might be best. Then I thought of the baby coming and how our older three cats would be fine, they could fend for themselves but the kittens were still a bit of a handful and it wasn't fair to them anymore than it was to us. So I jumped up and helped. We kept telling Kaiya that we needed to find the kitties because they were going to a new home. She cheerfully helped and I figured it was because she had no idea what was coming. I was right.
When we placed the basket with the two kittens in it in our friend's hands was when it hit her what was happening. She started crying and so I started crying. Hubby asked our friend: "one older parent to younger ones, what do we do?" She smiled and said, just cry with her. That was easy enough, I already was. She got over it pretty quickly, likely because she loves being at church and some of her favorite older kids were there to play with her. The next day she was out by the garage looking for them and got a little sad again. We are thinking of getting another fish at least. The hardest part though was the momma cat. I felt like I betrayed her. I call her hubby's kitty anyway since he was the one that brought her home. I made him apologize to her and he told her "it's ok, you can have more!" To which I growled and then reminded him that we need to get her fixed still.
It won't get any easier will it? First time a boy breaks her heart, first time she leaves us to go off to college and on and on. I guess I understand now. You never do stop being a parent, but all you can do is help them through the hard times and be there to hold them when they need it.
Our solution was to go get another fish. We got a second beta, this one is bluer and we bought a plant in the hopes it would make more oxygen for the water. We asked her what she wanted to name this one. Any guesses? If you guessed "Bo Bo!!!" why then, you are correct. Life goes on I guess, and bo bos get replaced. Every now and then she sniffs and asks where the babies are but lately she's been obsessed with all the baby stuff we have out. Hopefully she'll not tire of her brother as soon as she did of the fish and cats, one can hope at least.


  1. Awwww. I miss my girl. I can't wait to love on her and baby brother!

  2. That was beautiful. Kaiya is so sweet. All you have to do is hold her when she cries, which will be a lot as she grows up.

  3. I totally have the Hootie and The Blowfish song in my head now.
    Let her cry...if the tears fall down like rain
    Let her sing...if it eases all her pain


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