Thursday, September 24, 2009


When Kaiya was in the NICU two and a half years ago it was horrendously scary but after I was able to come to grips with it, that she just a fever for crying out loud, it wasn't that bad. We got to meet all these wonderful people, from the amazing staff to a bunch of other parents. There is something about being huddled up there around your kids bed together that just bonds you from the get-go. This time we were old pros and though CJs thing was a bit scarier than a fever there seemed to be this grace for handling it better. Still when I walked in to see him today and saw the two big spot-lights aimed at him trying to nuke the jaundice out of him my heart sank a little. I tried to put into perspective: after all, it's really not. that. bad. But the day before had been so awesome, he had gotten to try nursing and gotten his iv out and I got to hold him almost all day. So it felt like two steps back because I could only hold him for thirty minutes today. We met this mom whose baby was born at 24 weeks! She was one pound and a few ounces and is now up to two pounds. They have been here for two months already. There's another family with twins, and they both look so tired all the time. The truth is my son is not that sick and he's being well cared for but it's only been four days and we are so sick of that room. We just want to scoop him up and take him home. We still have no idea how much longer and I'm just hoping it won't be like a whole week. My hubby keeps saying, you know I love the people here but I hate this place! And I have to agree. I'd be a happy camper if I didn't have to see a hospital again for at least a year.

update: when we came in this morning one of the other babies wasn't doing so well. She's a teeny tiny preemie and her sweet parents seem so worried, if you could pray for them that their little one makes a turn for the better!


  1. I hated that little bili light tanning bed. But D did look really comfy, warm, and asleep almost the entire time. I just hated not being able to hold him, so my heart goes out to you and the rest of the Mommas and Dads at the NICU. Soon enough this will be a distant memory. Still, I hope you guys don't have to see the hospital again (for any bad reasons) for a year, too. Now if someone else gives birth, then by all means, go visit. And then leave. Quickly.

  2. I hope you get to take your baby home soon.

  3. Prayers for you and all of the babies and their families!

  4. I have said a prayer for the other family. It is so nice that even when things are difficult for you, you think of others. I have also said a prayer for you and your new baby boy! It is not easy but you will get through it all. He will be home soon. Good luck and keep us all posted!



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