Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tangled in Tubes

I got to visit him last night. I had to push it a bit, and my doc was quite impressed I was already up and about but seeing this face:

made it worth it! Though it broke my heart to see so many tubes attached to so little a person. Kaiya was in the NICU too but she didn't have near as many doo-dads attached to her. My little guy is so brave! He's about the same, has some fluid in the lungs and is no better no worse and hopefully (prayerfully) will be all better in a few days once it runs its course. I am healing much better (how unfair! I wish I could switch places with him...) and am only concerned about my milk coming in. Of course it's only the second day so I should be patient but they are hoping to start feeding the little guy some milk in his feeding tube. Anyway, I am going to get some rest now before my next pump session... fun fun! Isn't it weird how you lose all sense of dignity in a hospital? Oh well... I enjoyed a nice hot shower and regular clothes to wrap up this evening so it could be worse. Thanks for the well wishes and take care!

CJ is so precious!!!


  1. Oh he's beautiful. I am sorry to hear that you have to wait to bring him home, but so glad to hear that this should soon run it's course. I hope you both heal quickly!

  2. He is gorgeous! Wishing you both health and love.

  3. So cute. Too cute! And he will be so ready to go home as soon as he possibly can. And that will be a happy, happy day.

  4. He is adorable! congratulations!!!!!

  5. Ack! I'm so behind, I'm just now catching up. 1) CONGRATULATIONS! 2) He is beautiful. 3) You are so strong. I can't imagine how hard it is to see so many tubes attached to your baby.


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