Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aww.. home.

We have been home a few days now and it is the nicest thing in the world. This kid sleeps like a champion, and it is almost scary how still he gets at times. That was one of the benefits of the NICU that he was on monitors and surrounded by nurses. Still, I'll take the fretting over SIDS than trekking back and forth to that darn hospital three times a day any time. Kaiya has been so helpful with CJ. She loves to give him bottles and pat his head. Her favorite job though is to run and find his binky. She does it with intensity. When he cries she gets so concerned and comes running up to us barking: Baby! Crying! Yes dear, we say, and hopefully she will not try to pick him up any time soon. All this to say we are settling in nicely. We even survived a trip to the doctor's office today, so yeah us! Though I swear I dread going back, all those coughing and sneezing people make me want to get a giant bubble and put all of us in it. I bet Kaiya would love it!


  1. I love that you are all together.

  2. YAY for all of you guys! He is adorable, BTW.

  3. What a perfect baby! I'm so happy that he's well and that you're all home together. Yay!


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