Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I just love Halloween. Always have. This year I debated about what to dress them up as, and I thought I wanted to do a theme of some kind. My brother's family always dressed up their kiddos in really cute outfits. One year the older sister was a dinosaur and the baby brother was an egg. (Doesn't that just make your ovaries hurt?) The outfits were so cute too and handmade by the kiddo's grandmama. This year the girl is going to be a witch, I think because she loves the musical Wicked but I could be wrong, and she is making her little brother be one of the monkies.

I finally went with a little jackolantern for the little one and a ballerina for Ms. Thing. (Ironically my brother's family sent a tutu that is super cute right after I decided what she was going to be so now she has a super fluffy tutu!) I still don't know what we are going to do for the holiday, and it might not be much to avoid germs but it will be fun now that there are four of us! Yeah! Happy Halloween everyone!
CJ in his pumpkin suit... it's got a little green top on the hood, how cute is that? And I forgot to take one of Kaiya in her tutu, but here she is in her giant underwear superhero costume that she designed all by herself! (Because seriously, when your little ones put on underwear and it is equally embarrassing that even though they were your designated pregnant panties they are big enough to be a shirt for your kid, you at least get to immortalize the moment for your child's future spouse, right??)
On another pumpkin note we hit a pumpkin patch with the family and it was oodles of cuteness. When we first got there Kaiya didn't know which way to run first, and started grabbing as many of the baby pumpkins as she could. The header picture is from that moment. They had this little hay-ride pony thing that Kaiya loved. Which is a good thing because somewhere, someone taught her the phrase: Yee Haw! Which she squeals with abandon. So, Yee Haw everyone! Have a good one!

**We ended up going trick or treating for a few blocks and stopping by a fall festival at church. Kaiya had a blast in the jumpy thingys and did so well trick or treating. She sortof pronounced it: trijatreat! Her sweet little "thank you!" kept melting complete strangers hearts and I was so proud of her because I only had to prompt her to say it a few times and usually it was because she got distracted by a cool decoration or something. We had been handing out candy in between activities and Kaiya decided she was done at one point and started yelling out: "everyone go home!" People kept looking up at us, shooting us funny looks, because our street is very busy since it is between to churches which both have fun activities. Still, it had to be said at some point, right? Everyone go home!


  1. Kaiya is so cute! And I really think you need to dress her up again so you can take pictures.
    And your little pumpkin, nothing could be cuter.

  2. LOVE the underwear/superhero costume. Totally. Absolutely. Must be used to inflict great embarassment in later years. :)


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