Saturday, October 17, 2009

Poking our heads out

After almost a full night's sleep, albeit in the early morning and afternoon since I pull the late shift with the wee one, a good cup of coffee (ok, a cup and a half... by the way how come people seem to think they can tell me what to eat and drink since I'm nursing? I mean it's not like I toke it up so back off people!!), and a chat with a friend online (hey, that's about all I have time for lately..) I am feeling like a new woman for a bit. It's amazing how you go to survival mode when a new one comes and it's all you can do to put on a new pair of socks that day and hey if you get a shower well then who-hoo that's cause for celebration! Then you start to emerge, from the cave, and experience the world again. Kaiya has been obsessed with bears, polar to be specific, and so we have watched a couple of flicks about them lately and they talk about how the mother bear stays in the cave before she has the new ones and then a few months after and she doesn't eat for FIVE months. I think we all can feel like that sometimes. Slightly starved and ready to get out. I know my kid has had cabin fever for sure. Unfortunately for her this is a bad flu season and try as we might to keep her clean when we go out she's little and tends to bring home all sorts of bugs when we go to church or someplace else covered in kids. My sister suggested we have play dates at the park, where the outside air might circulate some of the germy germs away, so we might give that a go. The truth is I do quite well with this period, since I'm a homebody anyway and this is like the ultimate excuse to be at home, but hubby and toddler need to get out. Still, even I have to admit, now that we are starting to emerge a bit more it does feel good. I am finding I'm growing up a bit too and not quite as concerned with how I look. Though it is hard, I think the weight is coming off a lot slower this time and I have this sense that it will take a much longer time and I need to just deal. It will be nice to get on a schedule again though. We have been letting Kaiya get away with more, and stay up late, and so forth but not that life is returning to normal I'm not so sure she'll welcome the change. It might feel a bit like there's a new sheriff in town but hopefully she'll come around, again. So if you wonder what we are up to, we are poking our little noses out, sniffing the air and starting to explore the world again. With a new one toddling after us!


  1. We are in the same boat, tentatively rejoining the human race...although we're pretty ferocious about protecting our little lady from the swine flu which is rampant in our town.

  2. I'm a homebody too, but hubs and daughter insist on being a part of the world.

  3. So we have them to thank for Sundays in My City?? (I just love those...)

  4. Congrats on your reemergence!

    I like to peek out of the cave from time to time too, but part of me also wishes that my daughters were introverted as well so we could happily spend more time (happily) inside together!

  5. First, ignore people who try to regulate your diet. It's because supposedly caffiene, chocolate, and broccoli that you eat will get in the breast milk, making your child gassy and cranky. My old pedatritian told me to eat what I like because the baby has to learn to digest it eventually.
    Second, nine months on, nine months off. No worries. Just enjoy.


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